Map Tips - Secure the Lodge

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Map Tips - Secure the Lodge

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Mission: Open the Gate and get away from the Lodge.

Threat meter starts with 2 walkers after 5 turns. The amount is affected by the threat/noise meter. Some survivors with the right gear can reduce the amount of walker threat.
Beware if 3 humans that are hiding on the North side of the truck. Use the walkers to charge your survivors before engaging the humans. The humans will attack after you open the gate so attack them BEFORE opening the gate to obtain the advantage. Use stun capabilities.
Once you attack the humans, one more (a sniper) will spawn in the same place on the very next turn.

Special Enemies:
Armored Walker - Bullets are less effective. Recommended classes: Scout, Warrior, Bruiser.
Raider - Human of any class.

Survivor Selection Screen:
Left: Leader
Middle: Survivor2
Right: Survivor3

Initial drop order:
Top: Leader
Left: Survivor2
Right: Survivor3

Initial layout of map upon arrival:

Gameplay Video:

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