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Map Tips - Out in the Open

Post by LHammonds » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:36 pm

Mission: Escape

Get your assault into position as fast as possible to the left of the spawn mound. When two or more armored walkers get within firing range of your assault, use the charged attack. If done right, you can utilize the assaults charge attack every other turn.

Make sure the gate opener is positioned at the top-most section of the gate to help stay out of visible range of walkers spawning at the bottom.

The last person will cover the gate opener by targeting the bottom-most walker until the gate is opened or in an emergency, cover the assault.

When the gate is open, you can farm the walkers for XP until they only give 1 XP.

Survivor Selection Screen:
Leader: Sniper
Middle: Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial drop order:
Top: Leader
Middle Shooter
Bottom: Assault

Initial layout of map upon arrival:

Get into defense position here.

After opening the gate, bring 3rd person into support position to farm XP for as long as possible

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