Traits affected by luck

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Traits affected by luck

Post by LHammonds » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:58 am

Original Post by Kaz on Feb 7, 2018 (as well as a few other posts)

Lucky increases the probability of triggering other probability traits.

- If you have 20% of Dodge on your armor and 20% of Lucky, the formula goes like this: Dodge + (Dodge x Lucky) = 20 + (20 x 0.2) = 24%
- If you have 20% of Dodge on your armor plus 20% of Dodge on your survivor and 20% of Lucky, then it'll be 40% of dodge and therefore the formula would be: 40 + (40 -x 0.2) = 48%
- If you have 20% of Dodge plus 20% of Lucky on your weapon and 20% of Lucky on your survivor, then it goes like this: 20 + (20 x 0.4) = 28%

NOTE: The Lucky trait doesn't increase the chance of a trait that is already capped.

- Critical chance is capped at 90%
- Damage Reduction is capped at 80%
- Stun Resistance is capped at 75%

Here's the list of the traits affected by Lucky:
- Bullet Dodge
- Charging
- Concussion
- Dodge
- Incendiary
- Interrupt
- Silenced
- Stun Resistance
- Swift Strike
- Threat Reduction

One BIG exception: Piercing is NOT influenced by Luck. Piercing changes the values used for the game's calculation of whether an attack is a Body Shot or not. It is not a new effect with a chance to happen. This is why Piercing is not affected by Luck.

NOTE: Lucky does increase a survivor's Critical Chance, but doesn't increase Accurate, Sure Shot or the Power Strike trait.

For the Leader traits, it depends on the Hero, so Lucky affects only:
- Silent Shot (Daryl's)
- Good Out of Bad (Sasha's)
- Mysterious Ways (Gabriel's)
- Thinning The herd (Michonne's)
- Second Chance (Carl's)
- Bodyguard (Jerry's)
- Aim For The Head (Carol's)
- Mullet Time! (Eugene's)
- Defensive Charge (Morgan's)

It should be noted that many Leader Traits are 2 smaller things stuck together. Luck affects things that happen or not based on a percentage chance, not things that always increase some other number by a percentage.

In Jerry's case, for instance, Luck causes it to happen more often, but doesn't increase the amount of damage reduction. In Gabriel's case, the chance to dodge is affected by Luck, and the Luck he adds himself adds on to other Luck the Survivors may have.

Also also also, each survivor's luck is added up separately. If Carol has lucky gear, that helps her, but not the others on her team. Similarly, her teammate's Luck helps the benefit of Carol's leader trait, but only for them, and not for Carol.

- Luck on a Hero ONLY affects them, NOT any of the team members
- Luck on a team member (either directly or weapon) adds to the probability of a (probability-based) hero-trait to kick in for THEM (!)

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